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About the Course

Breaking Bad Habits & Strengthening Choices

Wednesdays, 6:00PM to 8:00PM

April 19  -  June 14I

nstructor: Jeanette Cerami

Price: $200

Improv Three challenges players to identify their personal improv habits, and strategize with the instructor on how to intentionally strengthen choices. Classes address taking care of yourself on stage, being non-commital, characters, status, and more. Improv Three is lots of scene work bolstered by personal, positive, and intentional feedback. 

Experience: All students should have completed 'Improv Foundations', 'Improv One' and 'Improv Two' at The Box before joining 'Improv Three'. No Class - Wed, May 31.

Your Instructor

Jeanette Cerami

Jeanette Cerami

Improv Three




8 Weeks

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